Bima Regency beginning on 5 July 1940 M, Sultan Abdul Kahir Throne as Sultan Bima I that done government based Syariat Islam (Islam Law). This happened to be as Bima proclamair that celebration every year proof of history archeological that find in Bima Regency like as Wadu Pa`a, Wadu Nocu, Wadu Tunti (written stone) in Padende Village district showing this region has been long time to peoples. In history of culture, Indonesia population consist of Melayu ancient nation and Melayu modern nation. So that trouble with population that live Bima regency region, they called themselves Dou Mbojo, and Dou Donggo for that live in beach comber area, Beside pure population, also there are transmigration from south Sulawesi, Javanese, Madura, Kalimantan, east Nusa Tenggara and Maluku. Continue reading