Gili Banta

The divers whom ever came to Gili Banta said that Gili Banta is a paradise of diver. Gili Banta offers exotic sea park which you will never saw in any other places.
Just say : “I WILL GOING THERE”, and you will enjoy white sand and beautiful corals which welcome you with ”welcome to the last paradise”. Enjoy and feel the beauty of sea animals, the great creator by God.
There are many activities that you can enjoy here, such as fishing, snorkeling and diving. Please go to Gili Banta with your family and you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday there.
The transportation is very easy to Gili Banta. Just take a bus from Kumbe terminal (Bima City) to Paji terminal in Sape (1,5 hours). Along the journey, you will enjoy the beauty of hill, you will feel the car’s sensation that run in zigzag road with beautiful views in the left and right side of road. Don’t be worry, because the drivers are very diligent and experience with the road condition.
After Paji Terminal, the journey will be continued to Sape harbour (10 minutes) by ojek or benhur (traditional carriage with horse) that deliver you to Gili Banta.
Just believe that Gili Banta offers fun and enjoyable tour, because Gili Banta is a paradise of diver.
Welcome to Gili Banta and have a nice trip!


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