Bima Regency beginning on 5 July 1940 M, Sultan Abdul Kahir Throne as Sultan Bima I that done government based Syariat Islam (Islam Law). This happened to be as Bima proclamair that celebration every year proof of history archeological that find in Bima Regency like as Wadu Pa`a, Wadu Nocu, Wadu Tunti (written stone) in Padende Village district showing this region has been long time to peoples. In history of culture, Indonesia population consist of Melayu ancient nation and Melayu modern nation. So that trouble with population that live Bima regency region, they called themselves Dou Mbojo, and Dou Donggo for that live in beach comber area, Beside pure population, also there are transmigration from south Sulawesi, Javanese, Madura, Kalimantan, east Nusa Tenggara and Maluku.
Bima kingdom last time consist of small groups that each leader by Ncuhi, there are five Ncuhi that lead five areas namely:
1. Ncuhi Dara, Leader Bima Center area
2. Ncuhi Parewa, Leader South Bima area
3. Ncuhi Padolo, Leader West Bima area
4. Ncuhi Banggapupa, Leader north Bima area
5. Ncuhi Dorowani, Leader east Bima area
Fifth Ncuhi live with peace, each regards and always done conference if there is something that connecting by together important. From fifth Ncuhi, to be leader of them is Ncuhi Dara.
On next period, this Ncuhi to be union by a messenger come from Javanese, opinion of legend that believe period to period by Bima population, embryo of Bima Kingdom is Maharaja Pandu Dewata have five sons namely:
1. Dharmawangsa
2. Sang Bima
3. Sang Arjuna
4. Sang Kula
5. Sang Dewa
A people of Five brothers namely Sang Bima sailed to the east and landed in a small island in north side Sanggar district that namely Satonda. Sang Bima that tobe union fifth Ncuhi in a kingdom and get predict as first king get title Sangaji. Since that time to be a kingdom that based Hadat and application Hadat Bima Kingdom for all peoples without except. This Hadat valid continue but get change on government period Raja Ma Wa`a Bilmana after that to invest basic government get based Hadat. Sang Bima to leave Bima kingdom to the east. Top of kingdom next give to the Ncuhi Dara until Putra Sang Bima that have name is Indra Zamrud as a king comeback to Bima on XIV/XV era.
For visit to Bima regency is very easy via sea, air and land, because has been support with Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin airport in Bima, Bima harbour, Sape harbour and land transportation that you can get in Mandalika station Mataram to the Bima.

1. Geographical Condition
Teritorial area
Bima regency is located in the eastern part of west Nusa Tenggara province, beside with Bima City (growth of Bima regency). Wide area reach 4.389.400 km². Between 117.-19.24 º and 700.30 º. With limit such as:
• North side: Flores sea
• East side: Sape straits
• South side: Indonesia ocean
• West side : Dompu regency
2. Topographical Condition
Bima Regency area is around by mountain such as: From Tambora mountain in Tambora district, Sangiang mountain in Wera district, Maria mountain Wawo district and Soromandi mountain in Donggo district topographical, Bima regency area a big part (70 %) is high land mountain texture and (30 %) is law land about 14 % of proportion low land is rice field area and half is dry area, limited agriculture area like this and relation with growth population next time, will impact to the support area narrowest, consequent to need transformation and reorientation economical bases from traditional agriculture to the business and small industry and trade, area position high bases of sea surface, Donggo district is high region with 500 m high from sea surface, and lowest region is Sape district and Sanggar district only reach high is 5 m from sea surface.

3. Climate
Climate, get summary that Bima regency is dry area a long years with rain season yearly 58.75 mm average. This trouble impact to the little water prepared and dry a big part river, rain highest happened on February, record 171 mm with brain in the day during 15 days. Dry season happen main on July, August, and September where is not happened rain. Bima Regency commonly have drainage that inundate and not inundate impact to the progress and back only 1.085 Ha or 0,02% with biggest located in beach comber and wide located that wet area continue is 90 Ha namely Dam Roka region and Dam Sumi, and area that never inundate in Bima Regency is 458.093 Ha.

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Sumber : Disbudpar Kabupaten Bima


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