You like challenge ?. If you have tracking hobby, camping, while doing research or just want enjoy kinds of flora and fauna. Sangiang mountain (Doro Sangia) can to be good choose place. As nature preserve area with waved topographical hill to mountain with top of hill highest 1.949 m. Doro Sangia effort exotic condition volcano nowdays still active explosive category. You surely can enjoy conserve nature area and look source hot water 80º.
Come and enjoy it Sangiang will give impression in your live, because Sangiang not only efforts volcanology exotic.
Sangiang also effort beautiful sea view “ Blue sea”. East around Semenanjung Peninsula Wera beach.
So, for you like cave explore ?. Don`t miss it this one. There is one old cave so beautiful, cave to keep mystery of nature is wonderful. Wera cave (Karombo Wera), People called. This is one of cave there is sea bases and have tunnel that connection Doro Sangia with Sangiang village. Spare time and go to the Syech Jamsuri and Syech Syamsudin graves and forefather grave Dou Sangia so sacred.
A tourism you will not forget smile Sangiang population, constancy price of culture so strong with religion condition. Magic and unique, funny sweetest the beach children helping them parents made traditional ship. Sangiang wait you with many mystery of beautiful. Ask you not only enjoy vulcanology exotic.
If you want touring to the Sangiang island, you can contact Drs. Abidin, Mobile: 081 339 534 586

Sumber: Disbudpar Kabupaten Bima

Terjemahan: Fika Rafika

By Admin: Khusnul Hatimah


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